Monday, August 27, 2007

Birding Trifecta

On Saturday afternoon I took a break from cleaning and went down to the float. Four Herons fished and squabbled in the shallows. I watched them for a while until I noticed the bald eagle soaring right above my head. It was absolutely breath-taking. He was close enough for me to hear the whoosh of his wings as he back-pedaled and hovered. I went for the camera and the herons cooperated but the eagle was long gone by then.

Later, we saw not one but two pileated woodpeckers. In five years in Maine, I've seen a total of we have two visiting a tree at the edge of the lane.

Finally, as if this weren't enough, we were awakened by the cry of a loon. It can't get any better.


jo said...

Ahhhh welcome to my world.
generally you can hear those pileated from a mile away...they are ginormous!

mainelife said...

I like your world very much :)
They really are ginormous...I couldn't believe it.