Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Does this smoke anyone else's behind as much as it does mine? He can show up two years later and eat gumbo, but all he can manage in the immediate aftermath of Katrina is a fly by? Never mind the debacle in Iraq, what happened in New Orleans is an impeachable offense.

As a remembrance of the devastation that is Katrina, I started reading James Lee Burke's Tin Roof Blow Down last night. For me it's necessary that just like 9/11, I not forget what we allowed to happen in New Orleans.

His description of a hurricane massing out in the gulf, preparing to make landfall is worth the price of the book alone.

UPDATE: This from the NYTimes website this afternoon:

''We're still paying attention. We understand,'' Bush said in remarks afterward.

....... But with New Orleans and the Gulf Coast far from their former selves after two years, some here think it's the president's dedication that should be in the spotlight.

The front page of The Times-Picayune advertised a scathing editorial above the masthead: ''Treat us fairly, Mr. President.'' It chided the Bush administration for giving Republican-dominated Mississippi a share of federal money disproportionate to the lesser impact the storm had there than in largely Democratic Louisiana. ''We ought to get no less help from our government than any other vicitims of this disaster,'' it said.

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