Saturday, August 11, 2007

Keeper's House For Sale

The Keeper's House (aka Robinson Point Lighthouse) is being offered for sale for $2.5 million.

It that asking price leaves you a bit short of discretionary income, don't worry-- utilities are very low. No electric bill, no sewer or water bills to worry about as the Keeper's House is entirely self sufficient and off the grid. Energy is solar powered, water is reclaimed from sea water, and the septic helps keep the flower garden blooming.
Neighbors include Linda Greenlaw and her family, but island life is quiet and peaceful and generally lacks the celebrity/tourist trade of some of the other Maine Islands.


Mouse said...

A lovely piece of real estate!

I wonder if they would hold it for me until I win the lottery?

mainelife said...

I'm sure they'd be able to accomodate.