Monday, August 13, 2007

20 Hours of Maine

I'm flitting in and out of the state in less than 20 hours, rather like this bumble bee was flitting around on the cone flowers last night.

A good friend and colleague's mother has passed away, so it's back to the airport and off to Pittsburgh for a couple of days for the services. Of the first 15 days of August, I've only managed to spend three here. It's not the way I'd plan it, but we do what we have to do.

I briefly considered going directly from Boca Raton to the funeral, but in the end, the cost was the same and I NEEDED to come home, watch the last three (should have only been two innings) of the Red Sox on NESN, dead head the flowers, weed the garden and watch the hummingbirds and hummingbird moths (they're regulars to the garden this summer) feed on the flowers. I also needed to kiss Mac the Dog's ears and pet the cats.

Additionally, in 20 hours I did some laundry, processed some paperwork for the mortgage on the.....wait for it.....wait for it.....cottage that we're buying up to Cushing (more on that later), rescued Lucy from Sublime Restorations where she had a quick face lift to repair a self-inflicted garage door ding. She looks a good 10 years younger. Ok, now that I've attended to the blog I can flit off to Pittsburgh.

Lots has been happening in Maine, so here are a few links for you to peruse while I'm out:

Oyster Farming Dispute
We hosted our second big time international visitor
Our local beach has its good name sullied by Forbes Magazine
Michiganders buy two of our ski resorts
The RED SOX stink
Ding Dong. The Rove is Over.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

I was watching for "Lucy" on the busy roads when we were in your territory yesterday.

With all you've got going on, you don't have time for blog-visiting, but my 3 or so hours in York environs are posted today.

And on Sat. I scored my best-ever hummingbird moth photo!

Cushing--great area. Wyeth country!

Sorry about your friend's parent.

Safe travels....

jo said...

We are a pretty straight line to the left from your new place. I can't wait for photos!

the blue state blogger said...

Cushing...on, man, beautiful country up there. Congratulations.

We've missed you! Come home soon!