Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Beautiful Day for a Ball Game

Sunday was the pilgrimage to Fenway Park. Once a year, we go to a Red Sox game with about 10 other couples. More precisely, we are taken to a game by one of our friends who has season tickets. He manages to scrape together 20 tickets for a game, all in really good seats (he trades games with other season tickets holders).
We rent a bus, we go to the game and then afterwards, we go to Luccia's in the North End for dinner.
Angels vs. the Red Sox. It was a perfect day for baseball--70 degrees and sunny, little wind.
We were in Pavilion Seats on the 3rd base side, and from there, the Boston B was still visible in center field.

We saw Bobby Keilty make a spectacular catch in right field to save a three run homer. We almost got to see a fight when Julian Tavarez brushed Orlando Cabrera's jersey and Orlando took offense.
In the 5th inning we got our 15 seconds of fame with a shout out on the scoreboard. The Fenway Franks were tasty, the peanuts were salty and the beer was cold.

The only thing missing was a win. JD Drew struck out looking with two on to end the 8th and that at bat just about sums up his season so far. He and Manny have decided that batting is a spectator sport--no need to swing the bat. And just like that, the Yankees are only four back.

As they say, tomorrow is another day. Wakefield mesmerizes the Devil Rays and the Angels return to Annaheim to face the Evil Empire. As of tonight, this guy might be my favorite player in baseball. Ryan Budde. Yankee slayer.

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