Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sock Monkey Slippers--You Have To Know Someone Who Would Just Love Them

I intentionally missed the Black Friday sport shopping and then unintentionally missed CyberMonday. We have lots of people to buy "little" gifts for and time is fleeting, so today it's Cyberpower Shopping Tuesday....

Best (little) finds so far:
Sock Monkey Slippers
Legendary German Christmas Pickle
Stonewall Kitchen Lavendar Mint Liquid Handsoap
Stonewall Kitchen Lavendar Laundry Sachet
Ohio State Buckeye Coffee

You've Got to Have a Lot of Disposable Income Finds:
$99.00 to warm a coffee mug
Shure Earphones for your iPod. Shure cost a lot. Shure sounds good. (and yes, I shure do want a pair in my stocking) and you get this T-Shirt with them.
Heart-Shaped Doggie Bed


Emma said...

The sock monkey slippers are great!

These web sites have some cute little gifty options, too:

I've had my eye on these:

Anonymous said...

I would think that OSU buckeye coffee would be bitter and stale. Do you know where you can get maize and blue coffee?

mainelife said...

For this year at least, Buckeye coffee is far better than Wolverine coffee (which I find to be bitter and grizzled like LLLLLoyd) :)