Monday, November 27, 2006

Easy Vegetable Beef Soup

Today, I'm using the left over beef from the roast to make a quick and easy beef vegetable soup. I've yet to meet a kid that doesn't love this soup and that includes my husband (who still doesn't like to eat his veggies).
I generally don't work from a recipe and I always use whatever fresh or frozen veggies that I have on hand at the time so it never tastes exactly the same. I did carefully measure before posting this but you should feel free to add or take away to suit your tastes. It will still be scrumptious.

If you don't have a lot of time, this can be made in about 35 minutes (just allow enough time for the potatoes to cook thoroughly) but if you can let it simmer for 2-3 hours, the flavor gets better and better. I put the extra soup in individual sized containers and freeze it. It's just as good (maybe better) warmed up.

Beef Veggie Soup
Left over beef roast, shredded into bite sized pieces
1.5 large cans of tomato or V-8 juice (my mom uses V-8 for the extra vitamins, I prefer tomato juice)
3 potatoes cut into bite size pieces
8 oz frozen corn
8 oz frozen lima beans or frozen peas
8 oz frozen cut green beans
6 oz frozen cut carrots
salt to taste (the potatoes will absorb a bit of salt, so you'll most likely need more than you think)
pepper to taste
16 oz Beef stock or to taste ( you can omit the beef stock, but I like it because it thins the tomato just a bit)

Pour tomato juice and beef stock into stock pot or large sauce pan and add the potatoes. Simmer until potatoes just start to become soft. Add the beef, the veggies and salt and pepper and continue to simmer....

Tonight I'm pairing the soup with a blt tossed salad. I also serve it with hot bavarian ham and cheese sandwiches or tuna melts.

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BethW. said...

Sounds like what my husband calls "red soup" -- wish I had some right now! And your blt salad sounds yummy, too.