Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gratuitous Ohio State Football Post

In which we detour (just for a moment) from life in Maine to other considerations--

It's amazing that I could post for four consecutive days before mentioning my beloved Ohio State Buckeye football team, but I couldn't quite reconcile the Bucks with a blog about Maine and cooking and books and whatnot. Any connection seemed contrived at best and just flat wrong at worst.

Now, thanks to the New England Patriots football team, I can mention the #1 college football team in the country. I won't mention their Heisman Trophy Candidate Troy Smith or their undefeated record or how they beat Michigan in the game, but since so many Mainiacs are rabid Patriots fans, I think this is fair game: Tom Brady (University of Michigan) lost his OSU-Michigan bet with Mike Vrabel (The Ohio State University) and had to wear an OSU jersey during Patriots' practice. (Now if I can only find a reason to talk about the basketball team.....)

Gosh, he looks so cute in scarlet, doesn't he?
Go Bucks!

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Anonymous said...

yowza. he looks great in red. or in anything or in nothing.