Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nubble "Light"

Saturday night was the annual (actually bi-annual*) lighting of the Nubble Light for Christmas. About 1,000 folks welcomed Santa and sang Christmas Carols. York has been decorating and lighting the Nubble for decades, a tradition that helps to ensure that the Nubble remains Maine's most photographed lighthouse.

We have a love/hate relationship with the Nubble. We love it because it's ours and it's beautiful. We hate it because it's everywhere--one the wall in our friend's lakeside house in Sandusky, OH; on the wall in the office where our daughter works in Philadelphia; on the advertising flyer we received in the mail from Big American Bank; on the cover of our favorite book about Maine The Lobster Coast.

(*We love our tourists and we understand that our tourists don't love the Maine Coast in December, so we light it up in July. The touristas take their Christmas card pictures and then wander over to Brown's Ice Cream for a cone).


stacitee said...

Your pictures make me want to visit Maine. Beautiful!

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