Monday, October 8, 2007

Here We Go Indians, Here We Go

My best friend, my brother and my brother's best friend will be visiting the house that Ruth built tonight--two cheering on the Indians and one (my friend) cheering on the Yankees.

My little Yankees buddy is going to have to be very quiet as she's going to be sitting in the Indians play-by-play production area, compliments of this guy--a high school friend of my brother.

Retired Guy and I agree on this: we really, really want the Indians to finish them off tonight. We do NOT want the Red Sox to face the Yankees, and mostly, we really want to find out if George will fire Joe.


Boo said...

Awesome Game!!! The only thing that would have been sweeter is if Red Sox had handed them the loss.

I'm glad the Yankees lost and I'm doubly glad that once again that spoiled rich kid, steinbrenner, couldn't just buy the ring.

Go Sox!!!

mainelife said...

It was a great game wasn't it? Now we'll have to see how the Sox fare against the Tribe.
My brother is not speaking to me until after it's over. He says his heart is too sad.....HEH.